Picture Elements

A 31 day photo study of life’s artful details

Picture Elements is an ALL-NEW 31-day creative photography prompt project focused on the 7 visual elements of art:

Color, line, shape, form, value, texture, and space.

This art-centered approach of Picture Elements offers a creative new twist on past Picture Series projects, with engaging, intriguing, succinct photo prompts specifically designed to heighten your awareness, hone your vision, and strengthen your photography skills. Much like a visual scavenger hunt, Picture Elements was created to playfully spark your creative spirit and get you seeking out specific daily details of your life. Picture Elements will not only inspire and infuse more artistry in your photography, it will foster a relaxed, enjoyable, and sustainable photography practice in conjunction with a community of other photo-lovers doing the same.

An additional element added to this offering is the integration of 2 Picture Elements Zoom Calls, led by Tracey, intended to add a deeper level of creative connection and community to the already rich shared experience of engaging in the daily photo prompts.

From August 1st through August 31st, here's what to look forward to:

  • 31days of photo exploration, using your camera (any camera!) as your catalyst
  • 31 creative photo prompts delivered directly, 1-per-day, to your inbox each morning
  • 2 project zoom calls to deepen creative connection with Tracey & the community (Tuesday, 8/9 @9:30AM & Tuesday 8/23 @5:30PM)
  • An online classroom with access to the prompts and the community of other participants with an opportunity to share your images and interact with each other
  • An engaging hands-on method to help strengthen your photo artistry
  • A gently guided creative practice to heighten your awareness and observation skills
  • A vibrant community to share and enjoy this fulfilling photo practice with

In praise of Tracey's photo projects:

"These prompts are a bit like intention setting. I read them early in the morning and they give me a focus for the rest of my day, and help me see things I otherwise might have missed. I love it!"

" I love the prompts and everyone’s interpretation of them is absolutely magical."

"Tracey, thank you so much for your daily prompts. and exquisite photos! They gave me so much inspiration not just for photography, but in every aspect of my life."

"I enjoyed every class I took. You created a very special community and inspiring content, Tracey - thank you!”

“I've always enjoyed your classes, your style of taking pictures, your teaching!”

Your Instructor

Tracey Clark
Tracey Clark

Photographing the beauty of everyday life for over 25 years has continued to fuel Tracey's passion for sharing the insights and inspirations she’s gathered along her creative journey. Creator of The Picture Series, author of Elevate the Everyday: A Photographic Guide to Picturing Motherhood, co-author of Expressive Photography: A Shutter Sisters Guide to Shooting From the Heart, and founder of Shutter Sisters, she enjoys telling stories by weaving pictures and words together. Tracey lives in sunny Southern California and emphatically believes that perspective—and love—changes everything. Follow along on her daily Instagram adventures at @traceyclark or find her at TraceyClark.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Picture Elements begin and end?
It begins on Monday, 8/1/22 and ends on Wednesday, 8/31/22. During this 31 day window, the project can be enjoyed via daily emails and/or in a shared, classroom-style experience on Teachable. But keep in mind, you will have access to the content of Picture Elements for as long as you'd like, following the end date. This allows you the freedom to continue to participate and/or revisit the content in a self-paced capacity once the initial 31 days are over.
Is Picture Elements a guided project or is it self-paced?
For 31 days (8/1/22-8/31/22) Picture Elements will be guided by daily emails and/or an optional online classroom designed to be shared with the community of participants enrolled in the project where Tracey will be checking in daily. You are encouraged to participate in the classroom setting by sharing your pictures there but you can also just use the prompts on your own, independently and at your own pace. The choice is yours. Also note that after the first 31 days, the content will still be accessible for you to use and/or revisit.
Is the content of Picture Elements new?
Yes! Picture Elements is a brand new Picture Series offering and all of the images and prompts offered in Picture Elements are all new. Picture Elements was created to encourage you seek out the details in your daily life while looking through a lens of the 7 elements of art : color, line, shape, form, value, texture or space. It's a whole new way to look at the world while honing your observation and photo skills.
What kind of camera can I use for the prompts?
The beauty of The Picture Series projects is that they are not camera specific. Whatever camera you've got is the one you can use and that absolutely includes iPhones or any other camera you have! The whole idea is to get inspired to shoot with whatever camera is making you happy these days and above all else, to enjoy yourself.
What kind of photo editing tools can I use for the project?
You don't have to use any editing tools unless you choose to. The main focus in Picture Elements is the process of TAKING the picture, not necessarily editing it. That said, editing can be a creative and satisfying part of the process so whatever editing tools, apps, etc. you have or would like to use would be perfect.
Is this a technical photography class?
Picture Evertthing is a creative photography project, NOT a photography class. The Picture Series (Picture Everything included) is a series of themed photo-centric prompts to encourage and inspire a consistent photography practice and in turn, a way to see (and picture) your everyday life in a whole new light. While you'll be using your camera (any camera!) as a creative tool for the prompts, technical photography lessons are not a part of the project.
Are refunds available if I'm not enjoying the project?
Yes. If for any reason you aren't enjoying the project, you may request a full refund.
What if I have technical difficulties?
If you are having any tech or admin issues you can search the Teachable Knowledge Base, contact Teachable directly or email Tracey at [email protected] If you're not getting the daily emails starting on August 1st, please email Tracey at [email protected]
What dates and times will the Zoom Calls be scheduled?
The 2 Zoom Calls for Picture Elements are slated for the following dates/times: TUESDAY 8/9 @ 9:30PM PST TUESDAY 8/23 @ 5:30PM PST


Picture Elements

A 31 day photo study of life’s artful details