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You’ve participated in the classes, you’ve enjoyed the prompts, you’ve captured the pictures, you’ve made meaningful connections—now it’s time to experience The Picture Series in a whole new way!

Introducing the next chapter…

An exciting opportunity to spend some creative time together revisiting, remembering, reconnecting, & recollecting The Picture Series, one month at a time. Doesn't that sound amazing? (Me, jumping up and down, shouting "yes, yes"!)

Here’s what’s NEW for 2024:

Imagine having all of the amazing images you’ve taken over the years for The Picture Series, beautifully displayed in the sweetest little photo books. (I’m giddy just thinking about it!)

Now, imagine reconnecting with Picture Series friends to create these adorable, interactive, customizable books* TOGETHER! (My heart is bursting in anticipation of it!)

Recollect : The Picture Series is a year-long membership experience that includes monthly printable downloads from beloved past Picture Series projects, designed to be used as insert pages for all-new Picture Series Workbooks that when finished will become treasured photo keepsake books for you!* Membership also includes a classroom, a vibrant community, and fun monthly Zoom Workshops (hosted by me!) where all members can meet up in real time to create these wonderful little books together!

START DATE & SCHEDULE: On the first of every month of 2024 a new printable Picture Series Workbook insert download will be released. On 1/1 we'll kick off the year with Picture Gratitude (because it’s always best to begin with gratitude). The classroom will open on that date and along with the download, there will be a chance to connect with Picture Series friends as you gather up the supplies needed to create your first Workbook for Picture Gratitude. The first month's Workbook Workshop will be on 1/17th. Scroll down a bit to read more about what to expect, including the schedule for the whole year of Workbook releases.

THE WORKBOOK MAKING PROCESS: The process of creating these Workbooks is hands-on and immersive, meaning you’ll be making the Picture Series magic happen, combining the printed book inserts with YOUR past Picture Series images. In the end, you'll have a collection of unique and meaningful keepsake books filled with your amazing pictures! *Please note: the binders are NOT included in the membership and must be purchased separately. If you’ve taken the same Picture Series project more than once, you can include ALL the photos you’ve captured for the projects—and/or you can even shoot for the prompts again as you assemble your Workbooks each month. The ways to create, experience, and enjoy the Workbook making process are endless. It’s all part of the beauty of the customizable, DIY book format we'll be working with. And the even bigger bonus is that you will be doing all of this WITH friends!

THE ZOOM WORKSHOPS: To accompany each month’s printable download, I will be hosting Workbook Workshops on Zoom so that we can assemble our monthly Picture Series Workbooks as a community. This will give us a chance to connect in real time while reminiscing, sharing, and celebrating our photography and our friendship as we put together our Workbooks. What could be better than that? The Workshops will be hosted on the 3rd Wednesday of each month both in the morning (from 9am-10am PST) and in the evening (5pm-6pm PST). You are invited to attend one or both times each month.

Here's the Workbooks we'll be creating in 2024, in order of month:

Here’s a few more things I'd like you to know:

  • The entire Workbook making process from start to finish has been designed to be simple, sustainable, enjoyable, and gratifying with each month ending in a completed Picture Series keepsake book.
  • The monthly printable pages are easy-to-download PDFs of the prompts of that month’s Picture Series project and once printed and trimmed, they fit as perfect insert pages for your book.
  • The Workbooks are created using mini (A5) 6-ring binders—the gorgeous binders showcased in the images above are from Jumping Fox; a small, woman-owned business based in California. (Did I mention they are gorgeous?). The Workbook printouts fit perfectly inside, once you trim and holepunch the pages. *Please note: Binders are not included with the Recollect membership and will need to be purchased seperately. A complete recommened supply list will be provided to members on 12/26.
  • There are modifications for the Workbooks that I’ll share once the classroom is open so that you have some options and can design your Workbooks exactly to your liking. Or you can just follow my simple instructions, which will take the guesswork out of it. The beauty of this immersive DIY project is that you have choices that fit your personal preferences and aesthetic style.
  • The printable Workbook pdf pages can be easily printed using your home printer as can the personal Picture Series photos you want to incorporate. Or, if you choose to, you can use a printing service of your choice (from your local office supply store, a photo lab, or an online printing service).
  • Being a member of the Recollect community also means you'll be getting some bonus printables too! These include additional page inserts that you can use in your Workbooks if you choose to. The bonus content is designed to further enhance your Workbook making experience! Fun stuff!
  • The recommended supply list for the Workbooks is short and accessible and will be provided on 12/26 so you have plenty of time to order what you need to prep for our first Zoom Workbook Workshop session on Wed, 1/17.
  • Once you register for Recollect : The Picture Series, you become a member of the Recollect community which includes so many wonderful things throughout 2024. (scroll down for the list!)

As a member of Recollect : The Picture Series Community you get:

  • A new printable Picture Series Workbook insert download each month (12 in all)
  • Access to the Recollect classroom with monthly discussion threads to engage and share with other members
  • Monthly Zoom Workbook Workshops for all members, hosted by me, giving you the time to assemble your books each month, in a fun and engaging group setting
  • Interactive bonus Workbook page inserts available to download and print for incorporation into to your Workbooks
  • A recommended supply list of everything you need to create your Workbooks. (NOTE: the list will be available in the classroom on 12/26, a week before the classroom opens)
  • Invaluable time with Picture Series friends
  • A collection of beautiful and meaningful keepsake books filled with Picture Series prompts and YOUR amazing images, celebrating your unique vision and all the memorable photos you've captured over the years - *Please note: the suggested Jumping Fox Binders must be purchased seperately and are NOT included in the membership registration fee
  • A creative and fun-filled year of honoring your creative spirit and celebrating your love of photography

If you are excited as I am and are eager to register, here’s some information about sign-ups.

  • You can pay $19 a month OR you can pre-pay for the year at $209 (which gives you a free month).
  • If you’re only interested in purchasing the Workbooks a la carte (without inclusion of in the Recollect community) they will be $15 per monthly insert download, upon their release. They will become available one-by-one following the same release schedule posted above.
  • If you never participated in some of the original projects that we’ll revisit during the Recollect year, this is your chance! Even if you don’t have past photos from the project, you are welcome to participate in shooting for the prompts in real time as you create your Workbook. How fun is that?

So, are you in?

Get started now!

Your Instructor

Tracey Clark
Tracey Clark

Photographing the beauty of everyday life for as long as she can remember, Tracey's passion for sharing the insights and inspirations she’s gathered along her creative journey continues to fuel her. She's the creator of The Picture Series and Create Space Zoom Workshops, author of Elevate the Everyday: A Photographic Guide to Picturing Motherhood, and co-author of Expressive Photography: A Shutter Sisters Guide to Shooting From the Heart. She teaches photography courses at LinkedIn Learning and is the founder of the original Shutter Sisters blog. Tracey enjoys telling stories by weaving pictures and words together while advocating for incorporating more creativity into everyday life. She lives in the beautiful wine country of Southern California and emphatically believes that perspective—and love—changes everything. Follow along on her daily Instagram adventures at @traceyclark or find her at

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I haven't previously taken all of the Picture Series projects on the monthly schedule?
The good news is that you can participate in real time and shoot for the prompts throughout the month the Workbooks are released (or anytime you'd like), whether it's your very first time or not. This format allows you to experience the prompts in any way that works for you. Recollect is a membership that is centered around creating photo Workbooks but that doesn't mean you can't shoot for the prompts in real time! In fact, if you do choose to shoot the prompts in real time, you will have photo prompts every day for the whole of 2024! That's A LOT of photo inspiration!
Is Recollect anything like other Picture Series projects?
Yes and no. The classroom set up will feel familiar. The community will consist of many of the familiar faces of friends we've met along the way. I will be checking in weekly to the discussion threads. That said, this is an all-new way to experience the Picture Series projects of the past; printing out photos and assembling lovely little Workbooks, one month at a time for the whole of 2024. It's going to be amazing!
Will you be offering the printable Workbook downloads a la carte to non-members?
Yes. If you don't join the Recollect experience, you will still have an opportunity to purchase the Workbook downloads individually when they are released. I'll be using the monthly release schedule listed above for both Recollect members and for any non-members wanting to purchase them individually. Please note: that unless you register to become a member of Recollect, you won't have access to the classroom, the community, the bonus pages, or the Zoom Workhsops.
How long do I have access to the content, including the monthly printable downloads?
After registering, you have unlimited access to everything for as long as you'd like. If you cancel your membership, you will only have access to the content that was available up until you cancelled.
Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, you can cancel anytime. Contact me directly or contact Teachable for help if you need help with your cancelation. Also, if you are unsatisfied for any reason in the first month of Recollect, contact me before 1/31 and I will give you a full refund. No questions asked.
I have a question that's not on this list- what should I do?
Email me directly and I will answer any questions you have! [email protected] I'm here!

Recollect The Picture Series

A Year of Monthly Workbooks, Workshops, Creativity, & Community

Register Today!